2019-2020, Post-Doc in Curatorial Studies.

International Curators Program (ICP) at the Node Center for Curatorial Studies.


2016-2019, Post-Doc in Professionalization for the Arts and Arts Administration.

Praxis: The Center for Aesthetic Studies


2009-2014, Ph.D., Philosophy, Art & Critical Thought, 

Europäische Universität für interdisziplinäre Studien, (European Graduate School - University for Interdisciplinary Studies).


2006-2009, Master of Fine Arts, with an emphasis in critical theory.

University of California, Irvine (UCI), and the Critical Theory Institute (CTI). 


2005-2007, Master of Arts in Media and Communications, 

Europäische Universität für interdisziplinäre Studien, (European Graduate School - University for Interdisciplinary Studies).


2000-2005, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Art Center College of Design (ACCD).





2022-Present: Senior Gallery Director, Mesa Community College.

2014-Present: Head Curator and Executive Director, Fine Art Complex.

2019-2022: Curatorial Coordinator, Artlink Inc.

2016-2022: Galleries Director / Instructor, Arizona State University.

2011-2014: Curator and Program Director, Autonomie Arts.

2011-2014: Curator, The Foundation for Art Resources.

2010-2012: Instructor, The School for Science and Architecture.

2009-2010: T.A., Fred Ulfers and Michael Hardt.

2007-2012: Assistant Director / West Coast Coordinator, European Graduate School.

2008-2009: Instructor, University of California, Irvine.

2006-2008: Instructor, The Norton Simon Museum of Art.

2006-2008: T.A., Martha Gever and David Trend, University of California, Irvine.

2005-2006: Instructor, California African American Museum.

2004-2007: Artist Assistant, Jim Shaw L.L.C.

2002-2004: Artist Assistant, Kim Fisher L.L.C.

2001-2007: Instructor, Art Center for Kids and Saturday High at Art Center.

2001-2002: T.A., Master Class in Drawing at Art Center.

1996-1999: Owner and Artist, Uncut Comics.





2022-Present: Freelance writer, Art + Cake.

2016-2022: Staff writer, JAVA: Art, Ideas, Taste, Music, and Fashion.

2014-2016: The Artsbeacon, staff writer.

2011-2012: The Architecture of Control: A Contribution to the Critique of the Science of Apparatuses (Zero books), author.

2012: Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society, Volume 15, Issue 3, freelance writer.

2011-Present, Published essays on artists: Shiva Aliabadi, James Angel, Virgina Broesma, Justin Bowers, Peter Bugg, Tay Butler, Sean Deckert, Janet Diaz, Erika Lynn Hanson, Molly Koehn, Lena Klett, Mike Jacobs, Erin Lawlor, Cydnei Mallory, Jonathan Marquis, Max Presneill, Craig Randich, Emily Ritter, Rossitza Todorova, Mark Vinci, Lisa Von Hoffner, Nick Aguayo, Malena Barnhart, Scott Marvel Cassidy, Hollis Cooper, Rigo Flores, David French, Richard Galling, Miguel Angel Godoy, Michelle Carla Handel, Katie Herzog, Heidi Hogden, Simon Hughs, Raymie Iadevaia, Cole M. James, Christopher Kuhn, Michael Kindred Knight, Bessie Kunath, Davin Kyle Knight, David Micheal Lee, Michelle Jane Lee, Melanie Moore, Liz Nurenberg, Marcus Perez, Olivia Phare, Alison Rash, Lily Reeves, Nano Rubio, Becca Shemake, Eric Schott, Gabbie Strong, Chloe Torri, Chris Trueman, Steven Walters, Jason Ward, R.J. Ward, and Tessie Whitmore.

2009-Present, Published reviews on artists: Maria Abramović, Merryn Alaka, James Angel, Marla Breuer, Granville Carroll, Mahari Chabwera, Agnes Denes, Daniel Martin Diaz, Taylor Edwards, Angela Ellsworth, Caroline Estelle, Sam Fresquez, He Gong, Heather Green, Dion Johnson, Pope.L, John G. Luebtow, Clarita Lulic, Larry Madrigal, Carrie Marill, Matt Magee, Kathryn Maxwell, AJ Mcclenon, Ana Mendieta, Mary Meyer, Peter Millett, Bruce Munroe, Kelly Richardson, Mark Pomillo, Kendra Sollars, Lauren Stohacker, Jen Urso, Qualeasha Woods, Yuko Yabuki, Denise Yaghmourian, and Xinyu Zhang.





2016: Awarded, Top 100 Creatives in Phoenix.

2012: Runner up, The William and Dorothy Yeck Award for Painting.

2010: Winner, M.F.A. NOW, International Painting Competition.

2006-2009: The UC Irvine Teaching Assistant Fellowship.

2008: Orange County Arts Grant for Drawing, Painting and Printmaking.

2006: Orange County Arts Grant for Drawing, Painting and Printmaking.

2002-2005: The Bradford Hall Arts Scholarship.

2002-2005: The San Marino League Arts Scholarship.

2002-2005: The Pasadena Art Alliance Scholarship.

2002-2005: The Art Center Scholarship.

1996: Winner, The Drafting Olympics, State, Bronze Metal in Orthographic Projection. 




Artist Talks / Moderator


  • “Redefining the Creator / Greater Economy” at Mesa Community College. Artists on the panel: Chris Trueman, Rembrandt Quiballo and Lindsay Scoggi.
  • “Art and Transnational Identity” at Mesa Community College. Artists on the panel: Swapna Das and Shachi Kale.
  • “Creative Conversations” with Antionette Cauley and Sam Fresquez.
  • “Alternative Digital Aesthetics” Artists on the Panel: Mike Jacobs, Rembrandt Quiballo, and Travis Rice.
  • “Art Practice, Curating and Art Criticism” Artist talk with Jason Ramos.
  • “Contemporary Art Practice” Artist talk with Samantha Assen, Malena Barnhart, and Rembrandt Quiballo.
  • “Abstraction in the Singular”, Artist talk with Chris Kuhn, Max Presneill, Alison Rash, Chris Trueman, Ian Pines, Bryan Ricci, Nano Rubio, and David Spanbock at Bentley Projects and Arizona State University. 
  • “How to make it in the artworld”, Artist Talk with Justin Bower at Arizona State University.
  • Art and Practice”, Artist talk with Bill Dambrova, Shiva Alibadi, Craig Randich, and Rossita Torodova at Arizona State University.
  • Studio visits at ASU” with Ed Gomez at Grant Street Studios.
  • Studio Visits at ASU” with Luis G. Hernandez at Grant Street Studios.
  • Studio Visits at ASU” with Max Presneill at Grant Street Studios. 
  • Studio Visits at ASU” with Kio Griffith at Grant Street Studios.
  • "Art & Social Media" Artist talk with Kio Griffith, Sharon Butler and Julia Schwartz.
  • "Art and Professionalization" Artist talk with John Millei.
  • "Capitalism in Question", Artist Talk at Pitzer College with Daniel Joseph Martinez Daniel A. Segal and Ciara Ennis.
  • "Art and the Architecture of Control" Artist Talk at the Torrance Art Museum.





  • Studio Crasher 360 (Youtube), Part I & II, 2018.
  • JAVA Magazine: Grant Vetter: A Man with a Plan for the Phoenix Art Scene. By Bill Dambrova, 2017.
  • State Press: Student Artists at ASU exhibit their work with the help of a professor in Downtown Phoenix Gallery. By Kalle Benallie, 2017.
  • Phoenix New Times: Phoenix’s Top 100 Creatives, By Becky Bartkowski, 2016.
  • Pitzer College, "Capitalism in Question", Essays by Daniel Joseph Martinez, Daniel A. Segal and Ciara Ennis. Published by the Center for Social Research at Pitzer College, 2013.
  • "Ab-Extradition". Essays on Grant Vetter by Jacques Rancière, Christabel Wiebe and Marko Zlomislic. Published by The Constant Gallery, 2010.
  • Art Forum: Contemporary Issues in Art & Architecture, Vol 29. Number 2. Fall.
  • Direct Art Magazine, Fall-Winter issue. By Sam Keith.
  • DOT Magazine, Issue 11.
  • Art Forum Picks, Art Forum on-line, JSA (Jim Shaw's Army).
  • The State Press, Vol. 81. No. 117. Friday, April 4, 1997. 





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