Grant Vetter 

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Research Interests: Aesthetics, Affect Theory, Architecture Theory, Art Criticism, Art History, Art Theory, Beauty, Being, Biopower, Bio-Art, Capitalism, Curatorial Theory, Consciousness Studies, Continental Philosophy, Critical Theory, Cultural Commons, Decoloniality, Empire, Esotericism, Event, Globalization, Materialism, Marxism & Post-Marxism, Modernism & Neo-, Hyper-, Alter-, and Liquid Modernity, Multitude, Nihilism, Object-Oriented Philosophy, Panopticism, Pluralism, the Neo-Baroque, Neo-Feudalism, Post-Colonialism, Post-Digital Aesthetics, Phenomenology, Postmodernism, Psychology, Realism, Semiotics, Simulation Theory, Spectacle, Speculative Materialism, Subjectivization, Surveillance Studies, the Undercommons, and Vitalism.



Node Center for Curatorial Studies

International Curators Program (ICA)

  • Post-Doc
  • Supervisor: An Paenhuysen

Core Seminars: Key Moments in the History of Curating (Lauren Reid), New Approaches to Curating Collections (Claire Dalgleish), Expanding Exhibitions: Innovative Approaches to Curating (Lauren Reid), Exhibition Design (Raquel Chaves), De-colonizing Curatorial and Artistic Practices (Kathy-Ann Tran), Curating Performance Art: From Concept to Practice (Daniela Labra), Socially Engaged Art Project: Community and Participation (Marie Jacobsen), Curating in Art, Science & Technology (Isabel de Sena) 

Business Seminars: Launching an Independent Art Space (Nora Mayr), Managing an Art Gallery (Marie Graftieaux), Creative Thinking: Strategies to Develop and Refine your Project Ideas (Jennifer Danos), Project Management and Communications (Joanne Pouzenc), Project Management: Organizing Large-scale Projects and Events (Joanne Pouzenc), Digital Communications for Cultural Projects (Maike Moncayo), Curatorial Procedures: Contracts, Loans and Official Documents (Marie Graftieaux), Grant Writing and Fundraising (Karina Griffith)


Praxis: Center for Aesthetic Studies

  • Post-Doc
  • Advisor: Brainard Carey

Core Seminars: Advancing Exhibition Practices for Artists (Anastasia Patsey), Art Theory & Essential Readings: Part I & II (Brainard Carey), Art Installation and Exhibition Design (Anastasia Patsey), Writing Statements, Bios and Press Releases (Julia Tolstrup & Brainard Carey), Artist Residencies (Anastasia Patsey), Residency Planning (Anuradha Vikram), Grant Writing & Arts Funding (Brainard Carey), Navigating Public Art Commissions (Monika Bravo), U.S. National Park Residencies and Projects (Mary Ellen Elizabeth), Time Management & Arts Projects (Brainard Carey), Patron & Sponsor Relations (Brainard Carey), Art World Etiquette: Creating Reach and Engagement (Shana Nys Dambrot), Presenting: Developing A Speakable Point of View (Cheryl McGennis)

Mini-Seminars:  Approaching Galleries (Anthony Phillip), Getting into Galleries (Brainard Carey), Professional Tips for Promoting Your Exhibition (Shana Nys Dambrot), Social Media Strategy & Web Design for the Arts (Brainard Carey), Hashtags to Create Community (Shana Nys Dambrot), Using Social Media Influencers (Katie Flowers), Social Media for Artists and the Arts (Cheryl McGennis), How to Close a Sale: Art and the Marketplace (Cheryl McGennis), Selling Art Online (Brainard Carey),  Taxes & Art: A Financial Primer (Brainard Carey), Kickstarter Projects for the Arts (Brainard Carey), Gaining International Recognition for the Arts / Artists (Brainard Carey)



Europäische Universität für interdisziplinäre Studien

EGS (European Graduate School), Saas-fee, Switzerland

  • Ph.D.: Emphasis in Philosophy, Art, Political Thought, graduated Summa cum laude
  • Dissertation: "The Architecture of Control: A Critique of Apparatuses"
  • Supervisor: Wolfgang Schirmacher
  • Outside Examiners: Thomas Zummer and Fredrick Hackenberg
  • G.P.A. : 4.0 Units: 133 credit hrs

Core Seminars: The Politics of Aesthetics (Jacques Rancière), Philosophy, Ethics, Art (Alain Badiou), Ethics and Politics After the Subject (Judith Butler w/ Avital Ronell & Giorgio Agamben), Philosophy, Ethics and Politics: Thinking The Present (Simon Critchley), Media and the Uncanny (Samuel Weber), Adorno’s Aesthetics (Martin  Hielscher), Political Activism: Multiplicity & Empire (Michael Hardt), Deleuze and Science (Manuel Delanda), Emergent Space-times (Brian Massumi), Psychoanalysis and Film & Haunted Art and Thought: Dwelling in the Past (Laurence A. Rickels & Heinz Emigholz), Nietzsche in Contemporary Thought (Fred Ulfers), The Choreographic Object (Erin Manning), Cinema as Cultural Anthropology (Claire Denis), Geopolitics of Cinema (Michael J. Shapiro), Foundation in Media Philosophy (Fredrick Hackenberg), The Animated Film (The Brothers Quay), Advanced Writing Workshop (Mark Daniel Cohen), From Script to Screen (Pierre Alferi), Advanced Internet Studies (Hendrik Speck)



UCI (University of Irvine, California)

  • Masters: Master’s of Fine Art: Emphasis in Critical Theory
  • Graduate Project:  “Ab-Extradition” (Paintings exhibited at the Constant Gallery)
  • Committee: Kevin Appel (Chair), Daniel Joseph MartinezMonica Majoli
  • Thesis: “The Crisis of Abstract Art in the Twenty-First Century”
  • G.P.A.: 3.981 Units: 139 credit hrs

Core Seminars: Critical Aesthetics and Contemporary Art: Minimalism, Conceptualism, Pop (Bruce YonemotoJuli Carson), Directed Reading: Issues in Contemporary Painting (Kevin Appel), Thesis Exhibition Critique: Installation Practices (Daniel Joseph Martinez), Contemporary Art Seminar: Site, Re-Cite (Juli Carson), Topics in Painting: Theory and Practice (Monica Majoli), Graduate Critique (Kevin AppelMonica MajoliSimon LeungConnie SamarasJuli CarsonAntionette LaFarge), Graduate Projects (Daniel Joseph MartinezMiles CoolidgeKevin AppelMonica Majoli), Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Projects: Materiality, Process and Method (Gifford Meyers), Research Seminar: Writing Strategies (Martha Gever), Methods and Materials (Bruce Yonemoto), University Teaching  (Kevin Appel), Interdisciplinary Projects: Critical Dialogs (Martha Gever), 1st year Graduate Seminar: Aesthetics, Politics, Conceptualism (Kenny Berger)

Critical Theory Institute (CTI)

  • Major Paper: “Eccentric Orbits and New Trajectories in Critical Art Practice” (Published in conjunction with the exhibition “Monster Mongers and Retailers of Other Strange Satellites” at LA><Art in June, 2009 – other contributors included Catherine Lord.)
  • Critical Theory Emphasis Supervisor: Rei Terada

Core Seminars: Aesthetics of the Painted Image (Martin Schwab), Lacan: Seminar 11 (Juli Carson), Critical Theory Workshop: Humanism/Posthumanism (Rajagopalan Radhakrishnan), The German Ideology Today (Andrzej J. Warminski), Constructivism and Its Discontents (James Steintrager)

Mini–Seminars: The Conflagration of Community: Fiction Before and After Auschwitz (J. Hillis Miller), Old Women (Gayatri Chakravoty Spivak), Postmodern Communities II (J. Hillis Miller), Rethinking Religion: The Weakness of God and the Theology of the Event (John Caputo), Dialectic Voluntarism: Philosophy and Determination (Peter Hallward), Reframing Justice in a Globalizing World (Nancy Fraser), Understanding Global Internet Culture (Geert Lovink)



Europäische Universität für interdisziplinäre Studien, (EGS) Saas-Fee Switzerland

  • Masters: Master of Arts in Communication, graduated w/distinction
  • Thesis Advisor: Wolfgang Schirmacher
  • Thesis Topic: “Hyperbolic Capitalism: From Postmodernism to the Neobaroque”
  • G.P.A.: 4.0 Units: 91 credit hrs

Core Seminars: Media, Politics and Psychoanalysis (Slavoj Zižek), Philosophy, Ethics, Art (Alain Badiou), Ethics and Politics After the Subject (Judith Butler), Homo Sacer (Giorgio Agamben), Finitude in Philosophy, Literature, and Art (Avital Ronell), Heidegger and Art (Chris Fynsk), Media Aesthetics (Wolfgang Schirmacher), Cinema for the New Millennium (Peter Greenaway), Creative Writing Workshop (Shelly Jackson), Poetry and Philosophy (Judith Balso & Jan Zwicky), Writing Workshop (Michael Anker), Radical Cinema: The Essay Film (Barbara Hammer), Schopenhauer and Contemporary Thought (Wolfgang Schirmacher), Audiovisual History and Technoculture (Siegfried Zielinski), Research Methods (Wolfgang Schirmacher)



Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, Ca.

  • Undergraduate Degree: Bachelors of Fine Art, graduated w/honors in Fine Art
  • Senior Project: “Working Place” (Paintings and writings)
  • Advancement Committee: Kevin HanleyTom KnechtelRachel Lachowicz
  • Major Paper: “The Cultural Logic of the Neobaroque” (published in conjunction with a solo exhibition at the Art Center College of Design)
  • G.P.A.: 3. 875 Units: 183 credit hrs

Upper Division Courses: Contemporary Issues in Art (John Knight), Painting in the 21st Century (Terry R. Myers), Art: Theory and Practice (David Schafer), Rethinking Art 2 (Pauline Stella Sanchez), Readings in Fine Art: Critical Theory (Richard Hawkins & Kevin Hanley), Readings in Fine Art: Modern and Postmodern Theory (Kerry Tribe), Art of Thinking: Philosophy (Gary Kornblau), Dialogs with Visiting Artists (Richard Jackson & Mungo Thumpson), Fine Art Seminar (Tom Knechtel), One on One Critique (Bill Jones, Taft Green, Katie Grinnan, David Bailey, Jean RasenbergerDavid Schafer), Senior Projects I and II (John Millei, Dave Bailey, Tom KnechtelRachel LachowiczKevin Hanley, Adam Ross), The Landscape Reconsidered (Laura Cooper), 1960’s: Art, Culture and Politics (Jackie Apple), Studio Practice (John Millei), Adv. Color Theory (Yunhee Min), Drawing Concepts (David Limrite), Composition and Painting (Peter Liashkov), Structure of Painting (Pierre Picot), Figure Painting (Aaron Smith), Contemporary Figurative Painting (Scott Hess),  Language of the Moving Image (Jean Rasenberger), Anatomy and Psychology of Perception (Rob Spruit), Television and Society (Norman Klein), Epic Narratives (Dennis Philips) American Politics and Media (Dennis Phillips), The Art of Research (Jan Tumlir).


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